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Summer Show Featuring Mary Gauthier August 7th

Rehmsworld Concert Series is pleased to announce a special summer show August 7th featuring Nashville Singer / Songwriter Mary Gauthier at the Balcony in Loomis. Tim Rehm states that this will be Gauthier’s first ever appearance in Nebraska and has been a long time in the making as she has been on their radar since visiting with her at the Kerrville Folksfest in TX over three years ago.

Her music never rattles rafters or crashes like cymbals toward the high notes in a power chorus. Her tempos shuffle and trudge more than they dash. Her songs are about as idiosyncratic as anything in the wide world of “popular music.” They’re painfully personal and yet they somehow infiltrate the souls of her listeners, no matter how different the paths they’ve followed through their lives. Though she lives not far from the hit-making mills of Music Row, she admits to knowing nothing about how to write on command.  She says, “I have to be called to write. The call comes from somewhere I don’t understand, but I know it when I hear it.” That call first came to her a long time ago. Her life to that point had led her to extremes, plenty of negatives and a few brilliant bright spots. An adopted child, who became a teenage runaway, she found her first shelter among addicts and Drag Queens. Eventually she achieved renown as a chef even while balancing the running of her restaurant with the demands of addiction to heroin. Two more successful restaurants, an escalating addiction, and a subsequent arrest, led her into sobriety. All that was rehearsal for what to follow, when she wrote her first song in her mid-thirties.

From that point, Gauthier channeled a long line of works, almost all of them eloquent in their insight, burnished by her writing technique. A core of devotees came to await each next release, she has just released her thirteenth album “Trouble & Love”.

She has been written up in the New York Times, been interviewed by NPR’s Terry Gross, and played the Grand Ole Opry. You will not want to miss out on this opportunity to see one of America’s truly great troubadours!

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